Cheyne was founded in 2000 by Jonathan Lourie (CEO & CIO) and Stuart Fiertz (President). Approximately two thirds of our staff work in non-investment and control functions, demonstrating our commitment to creating a sustainable business to serve investors through a long-term investment in people and infrastructure.


Research-driven, fundamental investing is at the heart of everything we do. Dedicated teams manage each of the investment strategies and sit together on a large trading floor in London. The contiguity of our strategies and the ability to leverage expertise between desks is key.


We seek to identify opportunities presented by market dislocations and the best ways of delivering their value to our investors. We pride ourselves on having been early-movers in many of our fields and on having pioneered investment strategies which give our clients access to rare opportunities. We look for uncrowded and under-researched investments and will dedicate the time to understanding complex situations.


Each of our areas of specialism is run by portfolio managers whom we believe to be amongst the best in their fields, supported by teams of seasoned experts. Our investment professionals are able to focus purely on investing due to the support of Cheyne’s robust, institutionalised infrastructure.


Both the investment teams and the funds are structured to ensure a strong alignment of interest with investors. All of our funds have capacity targets in order to protect performance and liquidity. Principals and portfolio managers are significant investors in Cheyne funds. We welcome an open dialogue with investors and provide a high level of transparency.