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Cheyne hires ex-BlueBay official to its new loans business in London*

Daily Telegraph:

Defensive 10: the definitive list of our favourite investment funds for the cautious investor*

Real Estate Capital:

How to sell property debt advice on the Continent

Europe Real Estate:

Reuben Brothers acquire London Shoreditch hotel (GB)

HFM Week:

Cheyne closes 5th real estate lending fund at $800m*


Cheyne more than doubles assets for credit fund in five months*

IPE Real Assets:

Cheyne Capital fifth European real estate debt fund closes at £600m

Private Debt Investor:

Cheyne hits hard cap with $800m for real estate debt*

IPE Real Assets:

Cheyne Capital backs Country Court Care's growth plan with £51m


Hedge Funds Circle Around Debt-Binge Firms