With a core emphasis on fundamental research and the preservation of capital in periods of market stress, our strategies seek to capitalise on pricing anomalies and idiosyncratic opportunities within a defined risk management framework, in liquid fund format.

Thematic Long Short Equity

A European mid-cap focused, dynamically managed low-net strategy that combines robust fundamental and thematic analysis with active trading.

The strategy is managed by Richard Woolf, who has more than 25 years’ investment experience across several asset classes and numerous market cycles and has shown a repeated ability to navigate dislocated market conditions.

EMEA Long Short Equity

A long short equity strategy investing in liquid large caps principally in Eastern Europe, Middle East and Africa. This forgotten and diverse region offers an abundance of mis-priced idiosyncratic and thematic investment opportunities.

With a 20 year tenure in emerging markets, Carl Tohme is one of the world’s leading experts in EMEA equities.  Carl and the wider EMEA investment team are based in Cheyne’s Dubai office to facilitate on-the-ground research.

Global Equity

A multi-portfolio long/short equity fund, focused on liquid stocks, managed by specialist portfolio management teams, seeking to combine fundamental investing in research-driven opportunities with a pro-active approach to trading.

Event Driven Equities

Our event driven team seeks to capitalise on arbitrage opportunities surrounding primarily European corporate events including mergers and acquisitions, spinoffs and restructurings.

The portfolio is managed to a broadly market neutral format, seeking to deliver a pure arbitrage returns profile.

The strategy is managed by Pierre di Maria, who has over 20 years’ experience in event driven investing.