Cheyne's Corporate Credit team specialises in investment grade and crossover corporate credit on a global basis.

The experienced investment team has a 21-year track record of capitalising on opportunities throughout the credit cycle to deliver superior risk-adjusted returns to investors, with a consistent investment philosophy built around two core skills:

  • In-depth fundamental credit research combined with active management of positions

  • Using Credit Default Swaps (“CDS”) to efficiently capture credit premia

Led by Sean Boland, the Corporate Credit investment team comprises 10 individuals with an average 20 years’ experience, and is widely regarded for its thought leadership in credit research and investment management.

The team’s strength is its longevity and proven track record of default avoidance thanks to a differentiated credit research team who focus on management and governance, combined with the portfolio managers’ deep portfolio construction and trading skills.

The team manages a variety of liquid, long biased strategies and seeks to exploit the sustained dislocation between investment grade credit spreads and credit fundamentals, capturing the premia residing in both running income from credit spreads and capital appreciation from active management of maturity profiles.